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30 Best Ways To Wear Plaid Pants To Work This Summer

This is not the time of bell-bottoms, it’s the time of well bottom to top especially when you go to some office or work. There is inherent confidence that’s okay but dress plays a highly important part in enhancing that confidence. Personality is a high factor in how you feel and of course at the

30 Trendy Afro Hairstyles For Black Guys

The right style may define a character – it depicts your personality, and shows a lot about your inner self. So, why choose cliched, that actually wouldn’t even match your personality type? In today’s world being trendy and having attractive hairstyles makes a man look more attractive and appealing. Afro hairstyles for black guys are

42 Simple Star Tattoo Designs For Guys

Tattoos generally signify emotions or belief. Simple star tattoo designs for guys are becoming an increasingly famous option these days. In fact, the same tattoo could have a different meaning when it is on the back of the ear or neck or face, etc i.e. the meaning changes with respect to a spot of the

The 12 Shoes Every Man Should Own

From an entire lot of wise men, one of them once said that a person can be best judged on the basis of his footwear. So men! Always, be careful about your shoes. According to experts, men love shoes. It might sound against the motion but yes men do love shoes. Though they do not

33 Stylish Office Bags For Men To Move In Style

Are you up for work? Getting late having an important board meeting? Despite such out of time hour, you have to maintain your impressive look. It all depends on your skills but the first impression will be obviously by your looks. Thus it is very important to keep your style updated with the work requirements.