Bomber Jackets: Sharpen Your Style With a Classic Outerwear Piece

If you find yourself questioning the bomber jacket phenomenon, and why you should try it? You are blissfully unaware of fashion’s iconic pieces with a deep history and global fame. The bomber jacket, in particular, being the ultimate symbol of swagger. It exudes rugged military masculinity, which has been refined over the years with luxury elements, such as fur-linings and pure leather finishes.

In recent years, the bomber jacket emerged as a prominent high-fashion staple. Following the history of its origination reveals a more functional and practical purpose. You see, the bomber jacket for men first emerged on the horizon as sturdy and durable military outerwear for US Air Force pilots during World War I and World War II.

If you’re fascinated by the history of the leather bomber jacket and wish to learn how to rock it with everyday outfits, keep reading our guide for some valuable insight.

Sharpen Your Style With a Classic Bomber Jackets

Walk Down History Lane

Over the years, the leather bomber jacket has trickled down subcultures, originating as military clothing and soaring high as a symbol of alternative styles such as punk rock. Bomber jackets for men first appeared on the horizon in 1920s America and later in the 1950s, they were crowned as the outerwear choice for European Air Forces.

By the 1960s, consumers were vying how to wear the bomber jacket and emulate the rebelliously sexy appeal of James Dean and Steve McQueen. Hit Hollywood blockbusters like Rebel Without A Cause, Top Gun, and The Great Escape fuelled the leather bomber jacket’s popularity well into the 70s, 80s, and onwards.

During the 80s and 90s, bomber jackets for men emerged as a powerful symbol associated with multiple movements. The bohemians, free-thinkers, hippies, social activists, and punk rock addicts lauded this timeless outerwear staple as a statement of their rebellion against all forms of conformity.

Men’s aviator jackets are popular for their form-enhancing tailoring and their adventurous appeal. Popularly, these swanky jackets represent rebellion, confidence, and bold masculinity. Men seek functionality, comfort, and style when making clothing investments and a bomber jacket is super-functional and intensely comfortable. After all, it was designed for the fighter pilots to keep them comfortable and active during high-stake combat missions.

Are you ready to add this timeless classic to your wardrobe? Here are some styling tips that will help!

Basic Streetwear Look

We all have lazy Sundays and last-minute night-out plans where putting together an elaborate outfit seems too much of a struggle. How to wear a bomber jacket for a dapper casual streetwear statement? Just pair it up with a V-neck or crewneck t-shirt and seal the deal with distressed denim jeans and rugged military boots.

You can always add some energy to this outfit by picking out bold and rich colors. A red or burgundy leather bomber jacket would look divine with a rich graphic t-shirt. Or you can create an all-black statement to exude a dark, devilish appeal.

Athleisure Energy

A super-versatile outerwear piece, bomber jackets for men work splendidly well with activewear and athleisure statements. You can rock these on your hiking trips and sport them with your post-workout statements. A bomber jacket is the ultimate outerwear staple to make smooth style transitions from the gym to drinks with friends without stopping for an outfit change.

You can rock a leather bomber jacket with your sweatshirts, sweatpants, athletic trousers, vests, gym tanks, shorts, and even oversized hoodies. There’s truly no limit to creativity and layering while discovering how to wear a bomber jacket with athleisure apparel.

Just experiment around with all your sweatshirts and activewear, and you’ll find the winners in no time!

Nightlife Statements

A leather bomber jacket is a glamorous nightlife staple, for it exudes bold and fiery masculinity, thanks to its military-style appeal. You can rock it with a multitude of clothing items to create a head-turning outfit that will inspire the bouncer to buzz you right in at the poshest club in town.

You can explore different statements to achieve the style you wish to rock. For instance, pair it up with a turtleneck and tie-up boots for a cozy and clean statement. A cashmere sweater works wonders for winter parties and festivities, and you can charge up the outfit with heavily distressed jeans.

Graphic t-shirts with rich detailing and bold colors are always a great choice to make a loud statement that exudes confidence. You can also explore richer textures, like velvet, suede, and even denim.

Workwear-Friendly Outfits

How to wear a bomber jacket in an office-worthy outfit that doesn’t disrupt your formal decorum? Just pair it up with your neatest and sharpest clothing items. If you work in the fashion, entertainment, or advertising industry, rocking a bomber jacket at work shouldn’t be a big deal.

You can pair it up with basic white and patterned button-downs or add a nicely tailored crewneck sweater to give the mix a formal appeal. Bomber jackets look great with formal pants and structured clothing. You can also rock them with turtlenecks and cashmere knitwear.


There are millions of ways you can add a leather bomber jacket to play up the charm of your everyday outfits. It’s all about versatility, the art of layering, and the outfits you want to define your sense of style. A bomber jacket for men is an amazing clothing item to play around with and refine your styling sense.

It’s a super versatile and functional clothing item that will keep you warm and snug against the chilly wind. It will define your style with retro masculinity and infuse your outfits with an energetic appeal. Do you know what we love the most about the bomber jacket? Aside from its rich history and fascinating fashion evolution, we love how this jacket allows us to put all our clothing items to good use.

There is no end to the outfits you can create with one bomber jacket. It works splendidly well with nearly every clothing item, be it a sweater, a button-down shirt, or a vest.