What is a Suede Jacket and How to Style it?

Suede is one of the most versatile materials with a unique form-fitting charm. Naturally, it is the most functional and comfortable option for a sharply tailored jacket. While leather and denim jackets are stylish and sexy, a suede jacket offers a practical solution for a well-layered outfit.

You see, leather jackets need ultra-thin layers to avoid puffing up the outerwear and retain its sleekness. But suede’s ability to contour itself nicely to the confines of your outfit and body shape makes it an excellent material to pair up with everything you own. You can style it with anything and everything, from cozy turtlenecks and knitwear to sleek button-downs and casual tees.

Keep reading to explore some fabulous everyday inspirations to rock your suede jackets with bold aplomb.

How To Style a Suede Jacket?

1. Play up your Knitwear

We all adore the comforting touch of wool fibers grazing our skin, enveloping us with warmth. Pair your crewneck and v-neck sweaters with a suede jacket to play up their comfort with a devilishly rakish appeal. This outfit idea will instantly transform your grandma’s lovingly knitted sweaters into a ramp-ready woolen creation.

Here’s a quick outfit breakdown: pair up a wool sweater with a suede bomber or trucker jacket, and complement the outfit with straight pants or skinny jeans. You can seal the look with military boots, or even Chelsea boots would be a great pick. You can carry this outfit to work and make smooth style transitions from work to play.

2. Sharp Tailoring

Are you anxious to break away from the horrid monotony of power suits and infuse your tailored outfits with a sporty flair? We advise revamping your button-downs with the laid-back charm of a sleekly structured suede jacket. Now, there’s a world of styles to explore when pairing up a suede jacket with button-downs and pants for a dressier statement.

For instance, you can work with a suede overshirt jacket, a Harrington jacket, a suede Gilet or even a sleek bomber jacket. Since suede jackets don’t have overly bulky sleeves, you won’t have much trouble styling them with your full-sleeved button-up shirts. You can also try out this look with basic button-downs in neutrals, or you can jazz up the outfit with rich textures and prints.

3. All-Black Glory

All-black outfits are always a terrific choice for men who want to sharpen their debonair with a dark and devilish appeal. Black suede jackets are a splendid investment. Their versatility is unmatched and ensures you never run out of outfits to flaunt.

For this look, you can work with any layering staple you like, such as black button-downs, t-shirts, turtlenecks, and even crewneck sweaters. The idea is to create an all-black outfit, and you can choose how many layers you’d like to add.

A minimally layered outfit would typically consist of a black t-shirt or even a button-up shirt paired with a black suede Harrington jacket and black boots. Now, if you want to thicken the layers for added warmth, consider adding a turtleneck and a black woolen scarf to your outfit. Whichever style you choose, be sure to seal the look with a chunky black statement belt.

4. Turn up the Warmth

Chilly winds often cramp our style by forcing us to add atop layers to pack up our bodies with warm garments. But once you embrace the art of layering, it becomes easier to identify garments that ensure warmth without compromising your debonair quality.

Here’s a terrific outfit inspiration for chilly winter days: pair up your cozy turtleneck with a suede Harrington jacket, and seal the look with corduroy pants and chunky boots. You can use your turtleneck and pants to add bright colors to your look, or you can flaunt a neutral-toned palette.

The sleekness and form-contouring abilities of suede make it an excellent layering staple to flaunt with bulky turtlenecks and thick layers.

5. A Street Affair

Streetwear is all about the laid-back charm of sporty accents that make you feel and look relaxed with a carefree appeal. You don’t want to try too hard to put together a street-style outfit, as effortlessness is the name of the game.

So, here’s a simple outfit idea: pair up an overshirt suede jacket with a basic graphic t-shirt and denim jeans, and seal the look with your favorite sneakers. You can create a tonal outfit to match the jacket or play up the suede with contrasting colors. It all boils down to the colors you like adding to your wardrobe.

6. Rich Tones & Textures

Suede jackets are excellent outerwear choices to blend different textures and add rich tones to your outfit. You see, the luxurious softness of suede pronounces the color it carries, and we strongly urge you to make bold color investments, like electric blue, mahogany brown, or burgundy.

The idea is to pair a richly toned suede jacket with powerful textures, like velvet, wool, corduroy, tweed, flannel, and even twill. Velvet and corduroy will give your suede jacket a lavishly eccentric upgrade for insta-worthy outfits when you’re traveling or attending a fancy get-together in the dead of winter.

It’s all about combining textures and fabrics you enjoy wearing to create a masterpiece of an outfit that will keep you warm and amplify your confident style.


The best thing about owning a suede jacket is indeed its versatile ability to work splendidly with everything you have in your wardrobe. This evergreen outerwear staple is great for creating breezy and light outfits, and it works just as well with bulky and thick layers.

We urge you to embrace the art of layering and learn how to choose your layers to create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable combination. For instance, button-downs and t-shirts are ideal for thin layers, while woolen staples and turtlenecks will beef up your outfit with warmth and textures. It’s also wise to invest in suede jacket styles ideal for layerings, such as the iconic Harrington jacket or an overshirt.