How To Trim A Goatee Beard?

A goatee is a style of facial hair or beard where it incorporates a beard on the man’s chin specifically and not on his chin. This style and its nature has been evolving variously according to time and culture. As goats have a certain amount of beard on their chin, this style is too termed as “goatee” or “Van Dyke.” Until the late 20th century or in the 1990s the tear goatee was used to refer solely to a beard form as it was only on the chin. Later on, many debates were carried on this topic of what was actually a goatee beard and how to keep it but then with years, this style had many phases and shades which is still on the list. 

How To Trim A Goatee Beard

The goatee beard style would not enjoy widespread popularity again until the 1940s as it became a defining trait of the beaknits in the post 2nd World War. But the style still remained popular till the 1960s amongst the culture-counter before its falling popularity. Though from the 1990s there was an additional character added to goatees. The incorporated mustaches became highly fashionable for men all across the socioeconomic classes and professions and have remained popular till now. Many other formations of goatee beard have arrived for the men’s upgrading fashion trends. Chin Puff, Circle Beard, Disconnected Goatee, Van Dyke Goatee, Anchor Beard, Scruffy Goat, and many more.

Steps To Achieve A Perfect Goatee Look

Outlining With A Trimmer

  • Firstly, comb your beard or facial hair to get rid of curls. Run a small, thin, and small-toothed comb only when it is dry enough for the beard to get straightened. A dry beard will actually help you to determine the length of your facial hair and prevent tangles. Also, special combs for facial hair can be purchased at hair care stores.
  • Then, then your beard according to the length you wish to. Use a comb attached to an electric trimmer and set it to the length you want your goatee to be. As the facial hair grows in different directions, cut or trim your beard in the direction in which you are comfortable. Use can also use a small pair of scissors at those parts which are hard to reach.
  • Make a line in your beard with a trimmer that will be 1 finger width from your chin. Take the comb attached to the trimmer so it shaves closer to the chin. After this, just tilt your head upwards and place the trimmer against your skin and pull it slightly down to make a line before pulling the trimmer away. Extend the line across the bottom of your chin. One tip: trim your beard shorter to prevent the trimmer from pulling your hair.
  • Then cut the edges of your goatee slowly so it lines up with your mustache. Holding the trimmer vertically at the edge of your mustache, pull the trimmer towards your ears until you see a visible line in your beard and then take it away from your skin. Keeping a mustache is not necessary,  if you don’t want to keep it you can just remove it.
  • Finally, use the trimmer to cut your face and neck hair that is close to the skin. Once you are done setting the lines of your goatee, trim all the hair on the rest of your beard. Go slow and gentle with the outer lines that you are about to make and have made already. This will shorten the hair as much as the electric razor can. Your goatee beard is perfectly trimmed.

Shaving Your Cheeks And Neck

  • Apply a clear shave gel or cream into your cheeks and neck. Remember to wash your face with clean water before rubbing the gel or cream into your beard. Apply the shaving gel to only those areas which you are planning to keep clean-shaved. You can also use a gel over a shaving cream as per your convenience so that you can see clearly where you are shaving and so do not accidentally shave your goatee.
  • Always tend to shave your beard or facial hair with a multi-blade razor so that it doesn’t take a much longer time. Use short downward strokes for the most satisfying shave. After every stroke, clean your razor so it does not clog with your hair or shave gel. Try to shave against the grain of your facial hair for smoother skin.
  • Also, cut all the excess beard from your neck to reduce irritation. Tilt your head upwards to pull the skin on your neck tight. Now, pull the razor down with long strokes. Since you have saved your neck for the last, the moisturizer in the shave gel will have had time to set and make it easier to shave. Point to note: always be extra careful while shaving your neck since it is full of veins and arteries.
  • Shave finely on the edges of your goatee beard to outline. Do the same process with your mustache so that your beard and mustache are even in shape. Again keeping or removing a mustache is totally upon you it is an option open for you.
  • Your goatee beard is again in its actual form and shape and the length of your goatee is in your hand and in which length and shape you will look the best.


In the media, goatees have usually been used to symbolize evil or morally questionable aspects. Eventually, these goatees have also been used to signify a character’s transformation from positive or neutral to evil. In any type of movie, it has been seen that the man with a goatee beard is portrayed as a definite negative character or rather a villain. On the other hand, this beard style is used in media only because it is way too famous starting its journey from the late 20th century. The goatee style has been rocking for ages. Not only the one goatee style is there now which was introduced years back but also there have been many goatee styles that are actually hot when worn. Goatee style is a formal as well as informal style and can be kept for office meetings and beach parties as well. Leveling its creativity with any outfit, the goatee style has evolved itself in many popular ways.

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