Creative Ideas To Keep Memories With Your Loved One

Love is the greatest feeling, and its remarkable memories make it the best. Going on holidays comes with much celebration to many individuals, as they interact with family and friends to share what they have after a long period of working or studying. But for some, holidays come with much sorrow as it reminds them of close family and friends they have lost.

If you are one of those grieving this season, know that you are not the only one. While your lover is no longer with you physically, there are multiple ways you can honor their cute memories through your thoughts or actions.

How can we preserve moments? To get inspired this season, we have sampled some of the helpful tips for you to do.

Best Ideas To Keep Memories With Your Loved One

Go To Memory Rich Places

Is there a particular place you often visited with your lover? Did you go fishing there? Did you have that memorable coffee shop you liked visiting together? Do you remember that particular hiking trail you both loved taking a walk on together? 

If you have, you can bring your loved ones’ memories alive by visiting those places you and your lover visited most. This may sound awkward, but if you do it, you will feel their presence, even when they are physically unavailable.

Make A Documentary Of Your Life

Get a camera or use your phone and capture live moments of places where your lover liked most, studied, visited, and frequented. Put all these videos together using editing software on your laptop into a video documentary. This can be an interesting and lighthearted thing to do or a more advanced one where you write scripts showing the location and time for easier interpretation. Host your family and friends one night and share with them the movie.

You can also keep memories with your loved ones by recording phone calls. It is a good example of how technology is taking over the world. With the current technology, it is possible to record your calls for future reference. With an auto Call Recorder for iPhone, you can record audio and videos and make them voice notes, which are a great tribute to your loved. You can download this app and use it at your convenience.

Visit Your Loved One

Have you had a moment to visit the final resting place of your loved one? Dedicate your time this season and visit your loved one —whether you want to visit their scattering location or spend time on their grave sites. If you have their cremation urn in your home, ensure that you place them strategically such that you can see them throughout the holiday.

Write And Record A Song About Them

One way of bringing back lost memories is by making song lyrics about your loved ones. This will keep you close to your loved ones because you will remember them while writing and recording. If you are good at making song lyrics, try doing it yourself. If not, find a local musician willing to help you make lyrics at an affordable price. Let your siblings and the public listen to the song or find out if the local radio station will play the song.

Dress Up As Your Loved One For Halloween

If your family member or friend loves Halloween, or if it is the best holiday for you, wear their best outfits as an inspiration. It will help if you get one of the most memorable outfits you remember. As said, imitation brings the best memories; therefore, this is one of the best ways to elevate the status of your loved ones.

Keep Something Of Theirs With You

Wearing your lover’s outfits will give you the best memories and is among the simplest and most meaningful ways to honor your lover.

Whether a jeweler, hat or clothing, their memory with you will remain close all day. Or maybe a watch, bangle or anything you can always carry with you. 

Create An Heirloom Furniture

Get one piece of furniture your loved one loved most into a memorial tribute by adding favorite photographs and stickers of your loved one. Seal the pictures into the furniture using a strong waterproof adhesive. Having sealed the entire piece, leave it to dry. Let the coming generations use the furniture to keep the memories of your loved ones alive.

Live A Life Of Worthiness

The legacy of our parents has a lot of symbolism for us. They valued some things most; those memorable deeds are a great inspiration and motivation to us.

Whether it is your behavior, education, or other life lessons, remember all your parents had planned for you and get inspired to streamline your life according to their wishes. This is the best way to remember your loved ones.

Get A Local Landmark Named After Them

How do you keep your loved one’s memories? Find out from the local officials how you can get a bridge, street, park, or any other landmark to be named in remembrance of your loved one. Hold a public naming ceremony to grace the occasion. Normally, this honor has been made mostly for those who have impacted the society or country, like politicians, but it is also legal to buy the naming rights.

Complete What They Can’t

Completing a task that your loved one did halfway to your siblings is a good way to remember what they did to the world, and preserve their dignity of purpose.

They may have left some projects halfway, whether replacing them in their positions or completing the remaining portion. It is the best way to wrap up whatever task they left behind. 

Get Permanently Inked 

Consider being tattooed in their names, important dates, images, or something symbolic to both of you.

The tattoo could be inserted the way you want. Whatever you feel, it makes you closer to them. You could also get a quote tattooed in their handwriting. This would become a permanent commitment that won’t fade but would last forever.

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