Leather Messenger vs Canvas Messenger Bag

We all love comparing our stuff with others. Comparing something for one’s betterment is always a healthy choice. When it comes to comparing leather, there is no alternative to it. Leather is probably the exclusive material in the market. It is also delivering the luxury experience since introduced. 

BUT, what if we tell you there is another material called canvas. Canvas is also known for the same features as leather does. The only difference between these two materials, that leather is made from animal hide and, the canvas is a fabric.

Let’s dive straight into the comparison without wasting any time. Keep your leather and canvas bags handy because this is going to get real. 

Durability Canvas Vs. Leather Bags

Talking about how the canvas is made, the canvas is a blend of pure cotton and other synthetic materials. Lately, the canvas is concluded as the new durable fabric in the market. 


Since the fashion world has started adopting canvas to their wardrobe. Canvas is getting more lit in the game. You will see a lot of young models rocking their canvas bags. Canvas is a long-lasting material and also a low-maintenance fabric too. 

And yes canvas is a very durable option if you are going for something subtle. 

On the other hand, leather is also considered one of the most durable materials on the planet. Leather will be the only material that can give you the feeling of luxury and being durable and long-lasting at the same time. 

Even the fashion world has adopted the leather thing with open hands. Since our all-time favorite rappers are always covered in leather even we feel like doing the same. Talking about durability, this material can do it. 

When maintained properly, leather can give you the most out of your money invested. It is said putting money in leather is almost close to an investment.

Environmental Impact – Leather Messenger Vs. Canvas Messenger

Eco-friendly it isn’t. And it’s also no secret that the leather assiduity is dangerous to the terrain, to workers, and to original people’s health. This is due to the poisonous heavy essence chemicals used in the tanning course, similar to chromium. 

Unlike tanneries use conventional natural colorings in the tanning process, similar to saffron, in place of chromium. This vegetable tanning takes much longer than chromium tanning. 

Leather is extensively claimed by manufacturers as a by-product of the meat assiduity. As leather commands an advanced cost than meat, I’m simply not induced that leather is in fact a by-product of the meat assiduity. 

Well, but with canvas, the canvas is eco-friendly. Because there is not much harm to the planet with the production of the canvas. Canvas is loved by a lot of people. 

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Look – Leather Messenger Vs. Canvas Messenger

Look wise we would say it really depends on who is making the bag. By just looking at the market at present, we can say that leather has got more points in looks than canvas. 

As canvas is something that likes to seem very sober. The way canvas feels to is very comforting. Even the designs on canvas are always very neat and clean. Overall canvas gets 6 out of10 in terms of looks.

Well, it really depends on who is crafting your leather bag. Something that we do, we like to keep our designs very exquisite. We love experimenting with leather stitching and shades. Also, there are plenty of things that you will need to consider before looking at leather. 

Look out for leather shades and stitching if you are big on the design elements.

Cleaning – Leather Messenger Vs. Canvas Messenger

Cleaning a leather bag is not very hard but it can be tricky. Because leather is a very light material so you got to know what you are doing. You gotta clean it right to make it. We have made an article on how to clean your leather bag in the past so do check it out. 

Cleaning canvas can be tough. Usually, fabrics catch stains very easily. The cleaning canvas bag has to be in the machine itself as the cloth is nothing different than clothes. In this comparison, we have leather as our winner. 

Water Resistance – Leather Messenger vs. Canvas Messenger

As canvas is a cloth, it is more vulnerable to getting wet. The combination of cotton and other materials can give birth to a water-resistant canvas bag. Though it also depends on who the manufacturer of the bag is. There can be water-resistant bags but not waterproof. 

Leather will always win you over when it comes to water resistance. Leather has the feature of being water-resistant making it comfortable to carry in rainy seasons too!

Weight of the bag – Leather Vs. Canvas

The competition has to be equal here too. As canvas is made from cotton. There is no chance that canvas would have more weight than leather. On the other hand, leather has its weight because of 10 different things that help a leather bag gets its structure. Stuff like stitching, padding adds weight. At present we also have lightweight leather bags.

Opinion Time

I mean everybody has one, opinion….

Today in this article we covered multiple aspects of leather and canvas but we have to break the ice for you. At the end of the day, you would not like your bag to lack on something. 

To ensure that you should only go for leather. We will explain to you why…

Being durable, lightweight, fly in terms of looks is something as rare as a mirage. Also on top of it is the ability to work for years. Even the ability to clean is an artifice in itself. 

We go quality or go home. We would always suggest you a leather bag on everything. There is a range of bags that you can choose from. From gym bags to the office we have got you all. 

Be a part of this exclusive community that believes there’s nothing classier than leather.