Your Handy Fashion Guide on Styling Ruby Jewelry

A lustrous red beauty that can make everyone go ga ga. What better way to explain the magnificence of a ruby stone? The stone itself screams royalty, and its charm lies in the ninth cloud for those who wear it.  Rubies can be styled in several ways to enhance a look. Be it as a ring or a neckpiece, the splendor of ruby amplifies your presence if worn rightly. To enrich yourself with the best styling guide for ruby jewelry, stick with us till the end. 

Before moving on to the fashion guide, let us first overview the ruby stone’s meaning, benefits, and facts.

What’s Ruby Stone?

Derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’ meaning red, rubies are mineral corundum, i.e., aluminum oxides, made under high pressure, deep in the earth’s crust. Corundums are generally transparent. 

However, the presence of chromium imparts the hue to the stone. Rubies range from blood-red to purple. But only proper red rubies are considered pure and valuable. 

Benefits of Ruby

Rubies are often known as the stone of passion. It is an outstanding alternative to the otherwise subtle diamond with that regal red hue. The richness and prestigious presence of a blood-red ruby heighten the worth of any jewelry piece. How about going for a ruby ring if you plan a perfect proposal for your ladylove?

There are beliefs that rubies can induce focus, fascination, and a sense of authority in the wearer. Who wouldn’t proclaim themselves superior while flaunting such an upbeat gemstone? 

Interesting Facts About Ruby

You know how ruby is made and how valuable it is; now, it’s time to learn some of its vital but surprising facts.

This profound gem was mentioned in the Bible and adorned in some of the wealthiest ancient cultures. 

With a rank of 9.0 on the Mohs scale, rubies are the strongest after diamonds. 

Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., has the world’s largest ruby on display.  

How Do You Spruce up With Ruby?

You can have a ruby embedded in any ornament you want. For every piece of ornament, you may choose a different style and technique. 

Ruby as a Ring

A bright red ruby on a platinum ring is perfect for a proposal or an engagement event. Platinum is a new favorite of the younger generation. The subtle color platinum goes well with the complementing red tone of ruby. 

Your engagement ring should stand out each time you decide to flaunt it. What can be a better statement piece than a bold red gem on a subtle band, right? 

Ruby as a Necklace

Are you worried about styling an elegant yet expensive look? Well, go for a minimalistic dress or gown in black and wear your ruby studded necklace. Ruby necklaces are timeless. No matter how effortlessly you style them, they will always exude royalty. 

Go for any other warm color, but avoid statements in your outfit. Your jewelry should be the showstopper. Statement necklaces best suit monochromatic outfits. 

Try to avoid any heavy earrings too. Earrings are statements on their own. They would make you look too decked up. Too many elements spoil the essence of a look. Keep it simple, and you will still ace the game. 

Ruby as Earrings 

Sometimes, a minimalist style with chunks of the right piece creates a very desirable look. How about a bodycon dress with a plunging neckline and ruby earrings as jewelry?  

Red complements colors like white, black, mustard yellow, bottle green, and lighter tones of red. Preferably choose a dress with a similar color scheme. Do not go offbeat with a gemstone as rich as ruby. You might end up looking gaudy. 

Take a white-toned purse as an accessory. White goes with almost everything. Playing safe with other accessories is better while flaunting a rich gem. 

Ruby as Bracelets

Women prefer delicate jewelry in their daily lives. Who would want to wear heavy chunky pieces to college or work? We understand your desire to go for a simple yet expensive accessory to accentuate your daily look. 

Bracelets serve the right amount of beauty, maintaining professionalism. The rubies in bracelets are generally small and studded. So, I am guessing your bracelet is suitable for daily wear. 

Make sure you go for sleeveless or shorter sleeves whenever you wear your bracelet. The contrast between the skin and the gem will make it look distinct. Since the red color is not that significantly noticed in the case of a bracelet, you can choose any warm color for your dress. 

Do not wear a ruby bracelet with an athleisure outfit. Bracelets are deemed to be girly. Go for something that would suit the vibrancy of the accessory. 

Styling a ruby is very simple. All you need to do is give it ample space to stand out. Tone down your outfit and see the gem work its magic.

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