5 Essential Tips For The Modern Sneaker Lover

Sneakerhead culture has elevated the shoe throughout the last few decades. From being primarily sportswear to becoming an avenue of personal expression and style, the New York Times reports that the industry is now worth around $115 billion a year. Moreover, design innovations, internet-propelled hype, and unique collaborations keep the community alive. For those looking to start growing their collection, here are five essential tips and tricks for the modern sneaker lover.

Tips For The Modern Sneaker Lover

Set a Budget

Collecting sneakers, especially limited editions, new releases, and vintage pairs can get pricey, which is why budgeting is so essential. The original Louis Vuitton x Kanye West sneakers released in 2009 originally cost $960 a pair, but can now go up to $10,000 online. Shoes sold in auctions also regularly fetch high prices. It’s easy to give in to the urge to panic buy from resellers to get your hands on your dream pair, which is why you should always set a personal budget before going on a hunt.

Do Your Research

Veteran collectors will always advise newbies to do their research properly. From browsing styles, looking into releases, finding resellers, to determining your budget, research is the key to getting the best out of sneaker collecting. For instance, finding lesser-known sneaker stores on Instagram might mean they’ll have a limited range, but since the store has a smaller following, you might stand a better chance of getting yourself a pair. Constantly monitoring a variety of stores and news sites can also give you an advantage before the drop hits.

Join a Community

To aid you in your research, there’s a wide variety of online platforms and communities dedicated to helping members discover the best news and deals. The online sneaker community SoleSavy regularly releases articles discussing upcoming artists and shoe brands collaborations. They even offer membership benefits such as exclusive discounts and shopping events. You could also opt to link up with other collectors, or befriend your local shoe suppliers to build connections and get insider info.

Develop Your Style

There are hundreds of shoe releases in a year, and it can be easy for beginner collectors to get overwhelmed with all the available choices. However, trends come and go, so it’s much better to collect for yourself and develop your personal style through the process. We at Fashion Hombre suggest getting some basic types from known brands, like trainers or casual sneakers, and look into styles you like. Lots of collectors start out with Nike Air Force Ones or Adidas Superstars, which both have a wide variety of colorways to match individual styles.

Shop Wisely

Finding your dream pair in great condition and at a cheap price point might seem like a miracle. Unfortunately, ‘miracle’ might be right, because there are a lot of fake sneakers out there. An Insider feature mentions the Yeezy Adidas as the most counterfeited shoe in the market — and with coveted models, it can be hard for beginners to differentiate fake ones from real ones, especially when buying online. Do your best to purchase from highly rated sellers, avoid unofficial sites, check the item model number, and do additional research on the font, colorway, and material of the shoe you’re looking at before closing a deal.

Collect With Ease

Sneaker collecting can be fun, but new collectors should be especially careful that they aren’t being scammed into bad decisions. Which of our tips did you find the most useful? For more articles, check out the rest of our blog here at Fashion Hombre.