What is The Fashion Significance of The Omnipresent Evil Eye Symbol?

The evil eye, as a symbol, has been garnering a lot of positive attention from the globally-renowned fashion enthusiasts. Although the role and significance of the symbol are important from a more protective perspective, accessories, clothes, shoes, tattoos, and other fashion statements flaunting the evil eye, is a sign of its glaring popularity across the globe.

The Fashion Significance of The Omnipresent Evil Eye Symbol

The Cultural Meaning of the Evil Eye

Envy, hatred, and jealously are three of the most powerful sentiments that can channelize the flow of negative energies from one person to another. The evil eye symbol, however, works as a protective shield that can safeguard you from the negativity by reflecting the same, right before it reaches you. Then again, diverse cultures have different perspectives regarding the curses and the adoption of protective measures.

Regardless of the country or the cultural spread of the region, the evil eye symbol is a widely accepted resource that lends protection to the person flaunting the same.

Does Evil Eye Live up to the Fashion Trends?

The symbol of an eye placed on a blue background isn’t a mere accessory but a raging fashion statement, widely adopted across the globe. Be it evil eye jewelry or motifs flaunting the symbols throughout, the evil eye, itself has become a fashion trend with a significant outreach.

When it comes to enlisting the type of fashionable evil eye jewelry, we would think of necklaces, beaded bracelets, rings, and more, with each allowing the wearer to flaunt diverse designs, as per the latest preferences.

Not just that, the symbol is also exceedingly popular across the décor segment as well with individuals pairing them as a part of the existing Feng Shui, in the form of bags, bathmats, and more. As far as protection is concerned, these accessories and tools aren’t only meant to protect you from the evil glares of the world but to also safeguard your existence by instilling a sense of humility, inside.

Other Trendsetting Options on display

If you are a seasoned fashion influencer or an evangelist, you can always opt for the trendsetting and unconventional selections, including the recently launched evil eye shoes or clothing options. However, the adornments like bracelets, necklaces, and beads are way more popular, due to the sheer ease of availability.

What stands out is the willingness of the leading contemporary designers to experiment with this particular style of accessories. For instance, Michael Kors, Ani, and even some of the leading brands have already started shelling out customized evil eye jewelry with additional stones embedded into bracelets. Be it pairing diamond or sapphire with the select adornments, designers are trying their best to cater to a wider audience base and even the modern tastes of the existing global clientele.

Not just that, there are gold and silver plated evil eye jewelry in the market that make exceptional gifting choices. Overall, the evil eye is an extremely significant and sensitive topic that can be regarded both as a threat and a remedy. However, the symbol, in itself, has already been hailed as a fashion sensation in 2020 with manufacturers, brand strategists, and designers toiling hard to find newer ways to incorporate the same into the contemporary landscape.