How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard?

Growing healthy, attractive, and shiny long beard hair is an earnest desire of many young men worldwide. Beard, a quintessential aspect of masculinity, adds to the persona of an adult and mature man. However, not all men are fortunate enough to be born with healthy beard growth. Whereas for some men, growing a full beard seems like a cakewalk, others struggle with issues of patchy, thin, and poor facial hair.

how long does it take to grow a beard

While trying to grow a beard, more than often, men become impatient about the duration it will take to develop a dense beard properly. Based on several factors, the time taken for proper beard growth may have variations. Be it traditional or western attire, men who possess a beautiful beard can sport in various outfits due to their great masculine appearance. For helping men with the struggle of growing a healthy beard, several beard growth products and supplements have been invented by experts. 

Are you a young man looking to show your masculine side to the world with an attractive beard? Then our article will guide you through all the nooks and corners of growing healthy whiskers. Would you prefer to express your interest in learning more? Go through the sections below and receive all the guidance about beard growth you needed for a long time.

The Beard Growth Facts You Should Know

Growing an attractive, well-shaped, and dense beard is a dream of several men. A well-grown beard signifies masculinity and a strong personality that every man asks for. But some of the lesser-known facts about growing long fashionable hair that you should be aware of include – 

  • Approximately, the facial hair grows half an inch every month. However, the rate can increase or decrease sometimes.
  • To develop a full beard, you have to wait for at least two to four months. This duration may vary based on many aspects, including the man’s genetics. Some men are blessed with a beard hair growth of one inch per month. On the contrary, some men will see half an inch or lesser growth in a month.
  • Significant factors such as age, genetics, race, diet, and lifestyle will determine how fast your beard growth will happen.
  • Based on multiple studies, if you leave your beard untrimmed, it will reach a maximum height of 3 feet. There is a high doubt whether the beard will grow after that because the anagen phase of facial hair can only exist till that period.
  • The level of a hormone called testosterone in the man’s body will significantly impact a man’s beard growth.
  • You will come across the first stage of your beard growth during the adolescent period between 12 to 16 years. During this time, several adolescents may observe a thin line of facial hair above their lips. Not long after that, cheek stubble will begin appearing on the boy’s face.
  • The prime time for a man’s beard growth occurs between 25 to 35 years due to the increasing level of testosterone in a man’s body. This biological event extends the anagen phase. Therefore, the beard growth rate witnesses a gradual improvement.

The facts mentioned above are stated according to the general observations. However, the duration and time of occurrence may differ from one man to another based on the determining factors.   

The Stages Of Beard Growth

Just like the hair on your scalp, facial hair also passes through several stages before experiencing total growth of a long full beard. The three essential phases that are included in the androgenic hair growth are: 

The Anagen Stage

Anagen is the primary growth phase for facial hair, which can stay from several months to a year. In the case of scalp hair, the anagen phase will last for a more extended period, whereas this phase for beard growth will stop suddenly. It is the main reason why most men will never be capable enough to develop a beard up to the floor-length. During the anagen phase, your facial will experience a monthly growth of half an inch. Your genetics will essentially decide the duration of your facial hair’s anagen phase. 

The Catagen Stage  

The amount of facial hair growth in this stage is not much. The only significant event that takes place during this period is that the hair strands will become detached from the hair follicle and stick to the skin. The supply of blood to the hair roots will cease in this period. 

The Telogen Stage

It is the final yet most important stage of hair growth. During this phase, the hair will maintain its intact form for two to four months while the hair follicles will get back to their anagen phase. The old hair is pushed out by the recently developing hair and falls off the scalp finally. 

How Long Does It Take To Grow a Full Beard? 

Depending on your beard growth rate, it may take two to six months to grow your full beard, ultimately for dashing appearance. Apart from several other influencing factors, genetics has a substantial impact on a man’s beard growth. However, most men are likely to experience complete beard growth after six months, whereas some may achieve the desired result much sooner.  

The development of a full beard occurs through different stages. In the initial week, the beard grows up to stubble, and then it experiences steady growth and covers the lower portion of your face until trimming it. The decision to keep your razor away and not applying your hands on it will undoubtedly contribute to the total growth of your beard within an adequate amount of time. 

On the other hand, if you continue shaping and trimming your whiskers, you may witness a delay in its absolute growth. Whether you are opting for a steady, slow-paced, and well-maintained beard growth or just a long beard will ultimately depend on your preference.

Best Supplement For Beard Growth

Due to the massive demand among young men, there is no shortage of beard growth supplements for improving facial hair growth. However, all beard growth supplements have a similar function in growing a beard. In some cases, hair supplements revive new beard hairs from dormant follicles so that your thin beard patches gradually become more filled up. However, in genetically inferior beard growth incidents, not much can be done using beard growth supplements. 

While choosing the best supplement for beard growth, Biotin stands out among all other available products in the market. Biotin, a water-soluble vitamin, primarily consists of vitamin B7. Biotin enhances the infrastructure of keratin which builds healthy hair, skin, and nails. Doctors advise taking 2.5 mg of biotin supplement every day to see the desired outcome. To fast track your hair growth with the help of supplements, you should be patient enough as it may require some time before getting noticeable results.  

Factors That Affect Beard Growth

Are you putting continuous effort to grow beard hair at a full length, and yet the result does not appear satisfactory? Most men fail to meet their expected beard growth because they are not well-equipped with the correct piece of information. To guide you with all the issues related to beard growth, we would like to emphasize the fundamental factors that affect the development of a beard in the case of every man. 


Age has an integral relationship with the testosterone level in a man’s body. According to the available reports, the optimal age for growing a beautiful beard is between 25 to 35 years. The growth rate may go downwards after 40 years in some cases. However, some men continue to observe heavy beard growth even at an older age. 


You may have never given it a thought, but more than often, your race decides the speed and density of your beard growth. Usually, the race factor has more to do with density than the speed of your hair growth. You will see Caucasian men having a thick beard, whereas Asian men will struggle in developing a full beard. 

Testosterone Level 

It has been already mentioned no other factor contributes to beard growth as much as testosterone. It is the primary male hormone that determines several biological events in a man’s body, such as red blood cells, muscle mass, fat distribution, fertility, etc. Although testosterone hormone is also present in the female body, it exists significantly less compared to men. After being produced by the pituitary gland and brain, the testosterone hormone travels through the blood and performs its tasks in different body parts. 

Then you may ask what relation this hormone has with beard growth. First, you should get the basic idea that more testosterone means healthier scalp and facial hair. Men who have high testosterone levels will develop thick long beard hair in usual cases. 

Dihydrotestosterone, another vital hormone, also affects the quality and growth of hair. This androgen adds many male characteristics to the male body. Though DHT increases beard hair growth, an excess amount of DHT may lead to the loss of scalp hair and male pattern baldness. Lower testosterone levels will cause patchy beard or no beard growth. Both synthetic and natural methods can help you to enhance your testosterone levels. After the age of 40 years, many men experience a decrease of 1.6% in their testosterone levels every year. Though doctors recommend supplements to cure low testosterone conditions, they are not fruitful in case of age-related reduction of testosterone levels.  

Diet & Nutrition Level 

While many health-conscious men invest in consuming protein for muscle growth, they do not often realize the importance of protein for hair growth. Even a protein called keratin is one of the key components of hair. If you consume a low-fat, limited sugar, and high protein diet, it will create the essential elements needed to produce hair. Food items responsible for the growth of facial hair contain zinc, silica, selenium, magnesium, silica, Vitamin A, B, and C. 

Supplements such as fish oils, multivitamins, and biotin may stimulate the development of healthy hair, fingernails, and skin. However, consuming food items rich in minerals and vitamins will prove to be more beneficial. You can add food items such as salmon, yogurt, egg, fish, chicken, etc., into your daily diet for sufficient protein intake. The protein that you consume every day should be 25% of your calorie consumption. 


The fast-paced modern lifestyle has increased the stress level in our daily lifestyle. But if you are willing to grow a dense beard, you must say goodbye to excessive stress. A person’s immune system and stress management have a crucial connection. A weak immunity system will only cause reduced hair growth on your face and scalp. For effective stress management and desired beard growth, you can apply several impactful techniques like mediation, yoga, and spiritual healing, among many more.  


Are you working in late-night hours and not giving enough attention to adequate sound sleep? Are you aware of its negative impact on your beard growth? You must dedicate 6 to 8 hours of your day to sleeping peacefully for healthy beard growth. During the sleeping hours, the body temperature decreases, which helps in quicker blood circulation, leading to the speedy development of your beard. 

Skin Protection

The health of your facial air will also be determined by the quality of the skin underneath the beard. Therefore, you should make regular application of beard wash to clean your facial skin and beard hair while increasing beard hair growth. If you have daily workout sessions and sweat out a lot, maintaining your facial skin becomes more important than ever. Otherwise, an excessive amount of sweat will create irritation in your face and also the beard. 


Another aspect of your lifestyle that can impact your beard growth is the habit of smoking. Among many other health hazards caused by smoking, hair loss is a significant one that can be the reason for poor beard growth. If you have still not quitted this harmful habit, then it is the perfect time to leave smoking to grow the ideal-looking facial hair that you long for.


Good things can only be achieved through great endeavor. A thick and attractive bear is no exception as you have to perform regular maintenance. Perform regular application of beard oil to keep the whiskers and facial skin healthy and beautiful. You should also remove the sweat and dust from your beard hair with the help of beard wash. Other similar products like beard cream, beard serum and beard lotion may also take your beard growth one step ahead. Also, your beard growth will be stimulated by their daily brushing and combing. 

5 Best Beard Growth Products For Faster Growth 

Do you feel confused about what products to choose for faster beard growth? We can offer you the five best products that will fulfill your dream of having a manly beard. Take a glimpse!

Beard Wash 

Usage of body wash or regular soaps can result in stripping of your beard oil. Beard wash is the best option which is a natural cleanser for both your facial skin and beard. These are designed to help you clean and gently wash your face without losing the actual and essential oils. Some also contain mild conditioners, which help in softening the beard along with cleaning the skin. While buying a suitable beard wash, you can consider products like Beardo Irish Royale Beard Wash and The Man Company Beard Wash, among so many available products. 

Beard Oil 

Beard hair tends to be rougher than the hair on your head. Beard oils make your beard hair softer and add a shinier texture. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin underneath your beard. It also saves you from beard dandruff and itch. Another important reason why people prefer beard oils is that it makes your beard look fuller, lusher and makes it smell good. Experts recommend Pura D’Or Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Beard Flux XL, Biotin High Potency with Coconut Oil to stimulate beard growth. 

Beard Growth Serum

Beard growth serum contains essential oils and vitamins, which help improve blood circulation in hair follicles and rejuvenate them and boost beard growth. Beard growth serum often helps in the development of a long, healthy, and thicker beard. Bio topic Thicker Beard for Men, Maxx Beard, and Hoffman MD Beard Growth Serum are hand-picked beard hair growth serums for developing strong and healthy facial hair.

Beard Growth Cream

Beard cream is the first name of a product that must cross your mind while thinking about something that styles, nourishes, and moisturizes your beard and skin underneath. It is an excellent product that can add volume and make your beard look fuller and thicker. The mix of butter and natural oils used for making it is the perfect blend you need for a conditioner of your beard. Beard Bolt XL should be your priority while purchasing the best beard growth cream. 

Derma Roller

Derma rollers possess hundreds of tiny titanium needles, which creates microscopic injuries when rolled over the skin. It is done to bring about the natural healing mechanism of the body. It, in turn, helps in better blood circulation and increased blood flow which further assures healthy hair growth.

Growing a full beard does not seem to be the cup of tea of an impatient man. Besides being patient, other factors like age, race, genetics, care, lifestyle, and food habit can change your facial hair’s growth rate. Even after giving a lot of effort and time, several men fail to develop thick and healthy beard hair due to their genetics. There is no such thing to be disheartened, as you can even rock your patchy beard with proper hairstyle and rimming technique. If you observe noticeable signs of improvement in beard growth, then do not leave your effort in the middle and keep on taking care of your facial to achieve your goal of having a classic beard.

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