How To Properly Trim A Beard at Home?

Whether you’re considering growing a full-face beard or are feeling curious about what your face will look like if you grew out a beard, this how to trim a beard guide can be your guru. The beard look is no longer frowned upon – it is the “in” thing. It can prove to be a real thing of beauty if you learn the art of how to trim a beard the right way. The best thing about growing a beard is that there are many different looks to choose from the ones available.

how to trim a beard

Beard styles range from a simple goatee, a fashionable french beard, to the infamous full neck-warmer. No matter what kind of beard you sport, you are sure to make a bold statement. Perfecting the art of trimming a beard the right way will come with practice. However, you can start with choosing the right tools, acquiring the appropriate trimming methods, and giving it a finishing touch like a pro. Facial hair, just like the hair on your head, needs nourishment and proper care. The how to trim a beard guide will also take you through how best you can provide your facial hair the nutrition it deserves.

Beard Trimming Tools You Need

Don’t start right away; start by investing in the right beard trimming tools.

Beard Shampoo

Nobody likes a dirty beard! Not only does it leave a filthy odor, but it also ends up leaving skin rashes and other conditions that you wouldn’t be a fan of as such. There is much work that goes behind keeping your beard clean and tidy. Start by purchasing a good-quality beard shampoo. There are special beard shampoos designed to eradicate dirt from your facial hair, and mind you; they are not the same as the shampoo you use for your head.

Beard Conditioner

Once you’ve shampooed your beard, you need to condition it to give your skin complete hydration. It will make your hair grow healthy and ensure that your hair remains soft. It is through this that it becomes a whole lot easier even to trim or maintain your hair.

Beard Brush

You will need a beard brush at several stages while trimming and maintaining your beard. For example, the beard brush comes in handy to even out unruly hair while cutting. It only helps while styling for consistency. The beard brush is the kind of tool that you won’t regret investing in from the ones available.

Beard Trimmer

The most obvious tool you’ll need while learning how to trim a beard is a beard trimmer, of course. The market is filled with a lot of options that provide different settings. A high-quality yet high-quality product is what you need. Many people prefer using scissors over trimming, but a beard trimmer helps make sure your look is uniform.

Trimming Scissors

Trimming scissors are different in comparison to ordinary scissors. The smaller and sharper blades help one reach areas around the mouth that might otherwise be quite difficult to get. One thing to remember while using trimming scissors is that you might need to sharpen them from time to time for practical use.

Shaving Brush And Foam

Choosing the suitable shaving foam for long-term results is crucial. There are soap-free, natural shaving gels available in the market created with a mix of natural goodness. Some ingredients such as shea butter, mint, and aloe vera are vital in making your hair soft and preventing any in-grown hair from occurring.

Beard Oil Or Wax

If you wish to style your beard for an intelligent look, investing in beard wax is something you might want to consider. It makes your hair stiff and ensures that it remains in one place after you’ve styled it. Several beard oil products help in providing your beard hair the nourishment it deserves.

How To Trim A Beard?

While learning how to trim a beard, there are a few factors you must keep in mind. For example, you’re cutting to give your beard the shape that complements your face and defines your facial features furthermore. You are also aiming to achieve a clean look, so there are areas such as the neckline and the portion around the lips which will require extra attention. Once you’ve decided what kind of a look you’re opting for, get ready with your beard trimming tools.

Following given is a three-step guide to ace at trimming beard:

Step 1: Address all sections at first

Start with making use of the beard shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. Make sure you give it an excellent dry before you jump straight into trimming your beard. Once dry, kick-off by addressing the most extended hair length first, which would naturally be around your neckline. Work your way from long to shorter length gradually. Ensure that you are trimming against the direction of your hair growth – this helps remove excess bulk. Continue cutting until you get to your desired length all over.

Step 2: Provide definition using scissors.

This step involves the primary use of scissors; however, you might also need trimming at the side to clean off the pending sections. Once again, start by defining the beard around your neckline. Place your finger in a horizontal direction just where your Adam’s Apple is. Following this, follow the line to provide yourself a vertical strip. Work outwards till you reach your jawline. The same applies to the hair around your lip region.

Step 3: Clean up

Once you’re done with your work on your masterpiece, it is time to clean up. A beard trimmer or a pair of scissors – you are free to choose the tool you are most comfortable with from what’s available. There might be strands of hair that you might have missed out on – lookout for those! If you’re opting for a complex look, you might have to maintain it every two weeks by giving it a quick clean-up touch.

Beard Trimming Tips To Remember

Here are some beard trimming tips to keep in mind:

Research Well Before Styling

There are a lot of beard styles to choose from, the ones available. It is up to you to picture yourself with the look you are opting for and see whether you’re comfortable carrying it off. Once you’ve decided, research well on how best to get the trimmed-out look. For example, certain areas like the neckline have to be absolutely sure of before actioning. Things like where your neckline ends when shaving your beard sometimes go amiss.

Never Trim Your Beard When It’s Wet

The worst beard trimming decision you can take is by trimming your beard when it’s wet. You must never trim your beard when it’s wet. Most experts recommend trimming your beard when it’s dry as the beard hair tends to be straighter. You can better decide how much hair you need to chop off to avoid appearing like you have an uneven look.

Grow Your Beard Out Well Before Trimming It

Most people make the mistake of trimming their beards when it hasn’t even reached its total growth. It is highly recommended that you grow your beard out well before you decide to cut it. This tiny yet mindful thought will help you go to lengths when defining the beard’s shape appropriately. A decent amount of size also gives you numerous beard style options to choose from the ones available. It takes approximately four weeks to get a total growth.

Use The Right Products For Healthy Growth

A scanty facial hair growth won’t take you anywhere. It will not provide you the volume you need to experiment with your facial hair growth. Neither will it appear elegant. It will just sit on your face, making you look disordered. Using the right products will help you achieve healthy, thick facial hair growth. You can start by investing in suitable beard shampoos, conditioners, and oils.

Maintain Your Beard

The work behind achieving the perfect beard look doesn’t just end with trimming it. You should cut it every two weeks to ensure it remains consistent. Uneven hair grows out to appear unruly; it will defeat your purpose. A quick clean-up every two weeks won’t hurt; it will only improve your chances of acing your choice of beard style.


We hope that the how to trim a beard guide gave you enough to get started. The truth is no one is actually going to be able to teach you how to grow and trim your beard. It will increase if you give it the proper care, and it will appear the way you want it to appear, with practice and time. Beard grooming lessons are unfortunately not available, but the internet is filled with loads of videos and guides to help you with your journey. Check them out, see what works for you and get up to speed with the ongoing trends.

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