How To Straighten A Curly Beard? – A Complete Guide

Styling their beard is undoubtedly the favorite of men despite their ages. There is nothing worse to a man than having a bad hair day unless their beard is at stake too. A bad beard day is not only bad for your appearance and self-esteem, but it is bad for the health of your beard too. Thus, a common question amongst guys is, how to straighten a curly beard?.

How To Straighten A Curly Beard

Normally curly locks of hair and curly beards are considered pretty attractive. They stand for the impression of health and youth. Additionally, men with curly beards are benefited from the choice of keeping their beard curly or straightening it out. Men with straight beards never have this choice. Curly beards also look far more luxurious and thicker if compared to straight ones.

However, with curls on your facial hair comes a lot of problems. A few of such issues can be texture, tangles, and of course hygiene. And when the curls start growing out of their face, it is a whole lot of a different story. When naturally coarse-textured beard curls up, you are doomed with a messy mass of hair. There are several kinds of facial hair, and some of such textures are pretty hard to manage.

Best Tips To Straighten Your Curly Beard

Men with curly beards run through multiple problems. The main issue with a curly beard is that they take a much longer time to grow to a full length. Apart from the length, knots and tangles also appear to be a huge issue for men with curls. Knots and tangles tend to be problematic when one tries to oil them because the curls almost make it impossible to transfer oil evenly. Aggressive usage of beard comb or brush can also bring severe damage to your beard curls. If one cannot comb their beard properly, its texture can turn rough and develop split ends. Alongside, curly beards are far closer to your skin, which makes it an easy passage for the transfer of germs and dirt. This makes them suffer more from pimples, acne, and blackheads. Knowing all these downsides of curly beard, it becomes far more concerning for men to keep their beards healthy and safe. Thus, a lot of men choose to straighten their curls for having detangled and healthy beards. This is the reason why one of the most common queries these days is how to straighten a curly beard.

Styling a curly beard is not hard enough if one makes use of the proper tools. So, if you find it difficult to handle your curly beard, straightening might as well turn out to be the best option for you. There are multiple methods by which you can accomplish a perfectly straightened beard, namely chemical, natural, and mechanical. All of these methods involve relaxing the facial hair to flatter and turn more manageable.

Below are listed some of the tips that will help you straighten your curly facial hair:

Straightening Your Beard Naturally

If you wish to straighten your beard naturally, you better know that is a daily process and that it won’t bring in immediate results just after the treatment. You need to establish a proper routine that involves the right maintenance of your beard and then stick to the same.

The first step involved in the natural straightening is to lose the soap and shampoo as with their use the beard hair is more prone to split ends. Rather, wash your beard with mild cleansers formulated specifically for beard hair and use beard conditioners afterward. Gently pat dry with a soft towel and never rub the beard vigorously.

After washing, gently apply a silicone cream to your beard hair and use the beard brush and blow dryer to properly set your beard. Use a cool setup and make sure you use good beard oil. Beard balm can even prove to be a good addition to this maintenance routine.

Straightening Your Beard By A Beard Relaxing Cream

Using a beard relaxing cream can also be helpful if you want to straighten your beard naturally. These creams are designed to fortify the beard while ensuring its healthy growth. To make sure of the effective results of these creams you are recommended to use it with a beard straightening iron.

A beard relaxing cream does not come with an easy usage pattern. There are several things that you need to keep in mind while using a beard relaxing cream to straighten your beard. Before you apply the cream to your beard wash it with a beard relaxing shampoo. Further, divide your facial hair into small sections and apply the relaxing cream while using disposable gloves. Avoid applying it to your skin.

Then you can use a beard comb to spread the cream evenly. After an hour, you can simply wash or rinse the relaxer, without shampooing. Dry the washed beard with a blow dryer and avoid using a towel because it can end up removing the cream. As mentioned, it is recommended to use a straightening iron after drying. Once you are done with the whole process, you need to wash off your beard with a beard shampoo to completely wash off the relaxer. You need to wash it off at least three times to make sure that the cream has been washed off properly.

Straightening Your Beard Chemically

If you want to straighten your beard with the application of chemical products, you will be amazed by the wide variety of products available in the market for this purpose. However, you should keep the fact in mind that these products are often harsh and thus are recommended to be used only by professionals. Our facial skin is delicate and thus harsh chemicals do not fit in that properly. So, before you apply such chemicals for beard straightening, make sure you take the assistance of a professional.

Straightening Your Beard Mechanically

An easy answer to your how to straighten a curly beard, would be the use of a straightening iron. If you prefer straightening your facial hair mechanically, you need to be very careful in the process. The hot blow of a dryer can indeed turn your soft hair into a brittle mess, but there is a place for heat in beard grooming.

General Tips

  • A good mini-sized iron will do perfectly good for your beard. Since the process is simple, it is time-saving. It is also recommended to blow dry your beard in the shower.
  • If you let your beard dry naturally, it can curl, even more, thus, it is recommended to use a blow dryer and keep combing the beard along its length.
  • If you use a beard straightening iron, you should use beard oil afterward to keep the hair soft and prevent further damage.
  • Apart from these tips, you should also use proper products for styling your beard. The fact that your beard remains straight and does not curl up soon enough does not only depend upon how you straighten it. It also depends on how you maintain it further. For a beard that has a curly origin, beard balms and wax are considered to be the best products. These products have a thicker consistency which helps in holding your beard for hours in the end. These products are the best suited for a stubborn and unruly beard.
  • Beard softening creams and oils also help reduce the coarseness of the beard because curls don’t hold up well on smooth and soft beard hair.
  • Brushing your beard right before bedtime is also a good way of making sure it grows in the desired direction.


Taking proper care of your curly beard can be tricky enough so it is widely recommended to straighten it. There are a lot of methods by which you can achieve the desired result. However, even though there are multiple answers to the common question, how to straighten a curly beard, all of the ways are not healthy enough for the beard itself. For instance, the usage of chemical treatment is harsh enough to damage your beard health in the long run. Similarly, blow-drying and using heat for your beard can also damage it if not done properly. Straightening irons and blow dryers always come at a risk of burning your facial hair or disturbing beard health. Thus, the natural method is considered to be the best method for beard straightening. Though it takes a bit more time than the other methods, it is comparatively cheaper and safer.

Like it has been mentioned in this guide, it is quite difficult to properly manage a curly beard. They need a lot more time to grow a full length when compared to straight ones. Thus, although every beard grows almost half an inch per month, curly beards grow in a loop. By the time a curly beard grows to be a foot long, a straight beard will turn out to be three times longer than that. This happens because the straight one keeps growing downwards while the curls continue to grow in the form of spiral springs, and that is why curly beards appear shorter. Apart from the length, the tangles and knots also create problems for men with curly beard hair. Thus, a lot of men prefer to straighten their curly beards. Your answers to how to straighten a curly beard are all explained in the aforementioned tips.

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