Do you want to fit into the gorgeous dress hanging in your wardrobe? Desperately hoping you can pull off your favorite swimsuit this summer? The only answer to all your wishes is doing half-an hour workout daily. Friends! Burning fat is not an easy task, so exercising is the best way to build muscles and reduce calories.

Are you worried? When you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and see areas around your body that you need to get into shape, then give a must try to some of the best 30-minute fat burning workout at home techniques mentioned below. We understand that it’s impossible for many of you to spend an hour everyday in the gym to burn body fat, but that should not come between you and your fitness goals, right!


Alternating Lunges!

Well, lunges are a fantastic thigh toning exercise. You just need to give your 100% to jump in between lunges and the result will be outstanding – your move turns into an incredible calorie burner.

Diamond Press-ups!

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Stand in a press-up position and put your hands together so that your index fingers and thumbs form a diamond shape. Try to keep your back straight until your chest almost touches the floor. Then, later push back up to the start position. Can you guess the outcome? Your body’s extra fat will burn and melt away. Also, checkout the best fat burners for your daily home workout routine.

Mountain Climbers!

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You may feel it like a punishment, but actually they are among one of the best 30-minute fat burning workout at home that don’t require a bit of equipment. Starting from a full plank position to quickly alternate legs into chest is the goal here. Well! The faster you switch legs, the more enormous the exercise becomes.


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This home cardio exercise helps in toning your core, upper body and legs all at once. You need to start from a standing position squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then, place your palms on the floor. You may treat it as a triple threat exercise but for good reason.

Floor Jacks!

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Lie your face down on the floor or mat. Then, extend arms and legs into an ‘X’ shape and then do ‘jumping jacks’ in the same position. This simple to do home exercise is an excellent way to burn extra calories.


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Interestingly, zumba is all about flexibility and burning calories. Apart from this, it seems to be helpful in relieving stress, improves strength and increase energy. Moreover, it involves high intensity exercise which helps sculpt the body.


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Looking for a miracle to get rid of that extra fat around your thighs and butt? Fret not. Doing squats are among one of the best 30-minute fat burning workout that can be easily done at home. This helps getting your lower body in shape in no time.

Bear Crawl!

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This is truly like an entire body workout. In this, the burn comes from all areas. You will definitely feel it in your shoulders, your triceps and biceps. After 15 minutes of workout, you will feel that fat is almost melting off.

Jackknife Sit-Ups!

When done correctly, this exercise can easily burn your body calories. You will notice that with a slight arm workout your abs are shedding and legs will become thinner, all at once. Sit-ups also increase your flexibility.

Remember, it’s never too late to start working on your fitness goals with an aim to achieve them 100%. These best 30-minute fat burning workout ideas to be practiced at home will surely help you in shredding fat from your body. In fact, you would be happy to know that you don’t need the gym at all.

Sumit Sarkar
Sumit Sarkar

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