7 Simple Tricks To Control Your Expenditure And Save More Money

Friends! Have you ever started off the month with the intention of saving money? Buying only what you required most and trying hard not to spend much? And, despite your best efforts, you just realise – that you have spent more money than you actually wanted to. So, don’t blame yourself for this! Many of us are habitual of repeating same mistake every month. In other words, no one can completely reform their bad habits overnight.

Well! No matter what is your financial status, you simply need to understand that it’s possible for anyone to control their expenses. There are many ways to save money. Here, we’ve put together few simple tricks to control your expenditure and save more money that are both easy to implement and effective. You can try each one of them without too much hassle. Go ahead!

Simple Tricks To Control Your Expenditure

Prepare A Weekly ‘Money Date.’

Make a habit of sitting down with your money once a week and you can term it as a ‘money date’. During this time, find out ways to update your budget plan, review your account and track your progress against your financial goals, yet to accomplish. You must give deep thought to your money plans just like any other relationship in the world.

Sell A Vehicle!

If you own a vehicle that is rarely used, consider selling it. This works as one of the simple tricks to control your expenditure and save more money. Yes, you’ll save money on insurance. If you’re able to get market price for your old – used vehicle, without any second thought sell it.

Pay Yourself First!

It’s a positive attitude to set aside a portion of your salary to save directly 20% – 30% every month, before you pay your monthly bills, buy household items or groceries. Invest money through a Systematic Investment Plan maximum by the 10th of every month, provided the salary is credited by 7th.

Plan Your Entertainment And Fashion Costs!

Are you crazy for shopping, watching latest movies, music concerts and sport events? Then, you should take this point on a serious note. Divide your entertainment plans weekly and don’t overspend on fun activities. And, remember you don’t always need expensive clothes to look fabulous.

Search For New Ways To Reduce Travel Expenses!

Saving money on travelling is marked as another simple trick to control your expenditure and save more money. When you live far away from your extended families, we hope you’re well aware of the costs of travel. So, we suggest using travel credit cards from airfare to hotel stays to save as much as possible.

Install A Programmable Thermostat!

To automatically change the heating and cooling of your home when you’re asleep or not at home, installation of programmable thermostat is the right choice. In this way, you save huge amount on your heating and cooling bills. Unplugging electrical devices that are of minimum use also contribute in saving money.

For God’s Sake, Quit Smoking!

Are you a chain smoker? By now you must understand that your habit is not only expensive, but deadly as well. If you want to stay healthy for many more years to come, the easiest thing to do is to – STOP SMOKING. Many anti-smoking products are there out in market for your help that save your life and money.

This proves that in today’s modernised world, it’s more important for each one of us to stay focused on saving money to minimise the damage caused on monthly basis. To help you monitor your spending habits easily, these simple tricks highlighting ways to control your expenditure and save more money seems to be a great head turner.

Sumit Sarkar
Sumit Sarkar

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