10 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is one of the ultimate wardrobe staples for men, women, and children. Purchasing a leather jacket is commonly considered a long-term investment and it is useful to serve several functions. Ideally, leather jackets come in different qualities and types, and buying a leather jacket can put you in many questions but in this article, we are going to assist you to pick the best one.

Here are 10 things you should know before purchasing a leather jacket

1. Leather Quality and Type

You need to look at the type of leather used to make the jacket. There are several different types of leather including pigskin, lambskin, and cowhide. Lambskin is luxuriously soft and perfect for special occasions. The cowhide is durable and ideal if you are looking for a jacket for everyday use. Pigskins are not durable and cheap. When considering jacket leather quality, it is also important to consider the weight and thickness of the jacket. Buy one that is made of heavy leather that feels sturdy to the touch.

2. Joints and Panels

The next thing you should look for when purchasing a leather jacket is good construction. The joints and seams should be well-made and strong, and the panels must fit together seamlessly. When you buy a jacket that has poorly constructed joints, it will fall apart quickly. Therefore, seams and joints should be sealed perfectly to prevent moisture and water from entering the jacket. A well-constructed jacket will be windproof and waterproof. Make sure that the jacket is perfectly sealed to keep you dry and warm in extreme weather.

3. Inner Lining

A quality leather jacket has a satin-soft lining that protects your skin from chafing and scratching. Make sure the liner has no blemishes or wrinkles. It’s not worth buying a jacket if the lining is damaged or stained. In addition to this, the inner lining must be quilted to provide additional insulation and warmth. The quilting also helps keep the shape of the jacket intact, even after prolonged use. This is especially important for jackets made of thick leather materials.

4. Stitching and Craftsmanship

The leather jacket stitching is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to construction. Get a good quality jacket that has durable, strong stitching that will not come undone over time or unravel. The stitching should also be consistent or even, with no missed stitches or loose threads. The jacket craftsmanship is likewise essential. A good jacket will be made with precision and care, and every detail will be seamless. The panels, joints, and seams should be aligned properly, and there should be no excess or loose threading. If the stitching is of poor quality, then the jacket will not last for a long period and you will require to substitute them often.

5. Hardware and Accessories

It is also important to check the hardware on the leather jacket which should be of good quality. The snaps, buttons, and zippers should be durable and sturdy and should corrode overtime or not rust. The straps and buckles should likewise be strong and well-made. Some jackets come with a variety of accessories such as a waist cincher, a belt, and a hood. The accessories may not appear essential, but they are helpful in jacket customization. The snaps, buttons, and zipper should also be easy to operate and use. They should not need excessive struggle or force to button up or zip the jacket.

6. Leather Jacket Styles

When purchasing a leather jacket, you need to choose from several different styles including classic biker jackets aka Double Riders, Flight jackets, Cafe Racers, and bombers are the most popular. Other styles are leather trench coats and leather blazers, seasonal leather jackets, leather vests, or leather vests that include coats, shearling leather jackets, and windbreakers.

7. Leather Jacket Fit

Another important point to consider before you purchase a leather jacket is a fit and cut. These 2 aspects can break or make your chance of looking good whenever you are wearing a jacket. You must make sure that the jacket’s shoulder seams are as close to or in line with your shoulder point. Too low or too high simply won’t work. You should also check the armholes and must be comfortable when wearing the jacket. The jacket sleeves should fall either before your palm or at the end of your wrist or on the base of your thumb.

8. Lining and color

Leather jackets come in different colors and linings. You must know what kind of leather jacket you want before buying it. If you don’t, it will be hard for you to make your choice. The color of your jacket should go well with your style or personality. You can choose from black, brown, tan or white depending on your preference.

9. Design

A leather jacket is an investment-one that can withstand different kinds of wear and tear, but also one that requires proper maintenance. Know what your jacket will be subjected to before making your purchase, so you can make sure it’s built for your specific lifestyle. When choosing between different styles, know that bomber jackets are more casual than others and biker jackets are stiffer and less structured than classic-cut leather jackets.

10. Weight

It’s important to keep in mind that leather jackets come in different weights, ranging from light-duty leathers used for summer jackets and blazers, all the way up to heavy-duty full-grain leather which can be too stiff for many people. If you want a jacket that’s durable and stands up well against wear and tear, opt for a heavier or weight leather jacket. This will ensure your jacket lasts longer than cheaper alternatives made with lighter-weight materials.


Many people believe leather jackets make great investment pieces, but before you run out and purchase one it’s important to consider these ten tips. Whether you’re looking for a men’s high quality leather jacket or a women’s high-quality leather jacket, or even if you just want that authentic biker look, there are some things you should know before investing in your leather jacket.

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