30+ Happy Valentines Day Quotes to Warm Your Dead Heart

Love! Romance! Break-ups! Hook-ups! Heart-breaks! Well, all this is the hardcore reality of life. And the sad fact, you just can’t ignore this. Ahaan! You don’t agree, really? Ask yourself or someone just around you right there, right now. Have they ever been in love? Ever infatuated with someone somewhere? Here are some Happy Valentines Day Quotes to send to your loved ones:

Happy Valentines Day Quotes to Warm Your Dead Heart

Off course, the answer is Yeah! Perhaps, if the answer is No strangely, then just buck-up fellows. After all, it’s the love-season banging around. Quickly glance through some extremely special Happy Valentines Day Quotes and feel the warmth of love. Believe me; it can even bring back dead coffins to life. Yeah! That’s the magical spell of this four-letter word LOVE.

Have you forgotten old school days, the old school love and flirting with female teachers? Running behind them in corridors just for asking pointless queries and their killing smile which actually was worth million dollar bucks! What about canteen bets and after-school talks about crushes and love-at-first-sight. Wait! Wait, how can you forget Valentine’s week?

The month of February was the deadliest due to annual exams but still, love-day made it the most awaited month of the complete year. Can say it proudly, we must’ve never been to the school or college libraries round the year. But, libraries were fully occupied around V-day to search for Happy Valentines Day Quotes for our true-love of those days. Haha! Wasn’t that too much fun? Gosh, badly miss it now. O Lord, just spell your magic wand on time-machine and take us back to that golden period of our lives.

Sob! Sob! We hope the almighty listens to us someday. But, hey! Fellas no need to get disheartened. Doesn’t matter if you can’t be a teenager again but hello! Who said that love is only restricted to teens? Yeah! Yeah! Indeed, love is like the true vine, the older it gets, the richer it becomes. Trust me, I’ve witnessed couples, close to almost a half-century of their life, but hello, don’t just under-estimate. They’re full of love ideas. Oh yeah! After all, experience matters my friends.

You won’t believe actually but know what there’re couples who surf the web like hell just to search for exhaustive love, cuddling, and dinner date ideas. Yeah! Not only this, craziest are those who go to the nearby café or shop and purchase books and novels on Happy Valentines Day Quotes and how to propose your partner on Valentine’s day. Oops! Fingers crossed; hope you aren’t one of those. Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples

Well, just chill and relax buddy! So what if you aren’t creative about love ideas naturally and need a handbook or guide on it too. It simply means you want to make it perfect for your partner. Yes! This shows your piousness, care, and true feelings for them.

Just get-up and go. Look for the most unique Happy Valentines Day Quotes this year. Make sure you put-in every bit of yours to let your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife know the deepest core of your heart and the extent to which you madly love them. Wish you luck people and enjoy the Love season to the fullest!!

Sumit Sarkar
Sumit Sarkar

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