How To Fix Patchy Facial Hair? – 8 Top Tips

Name something desired by a man, for which he can toil relentlessly to achieve it. Yes, job/work is an answer but this time I am more interested in the enhancement of facial looks (that was a hint!). Yeah, now you guessed right! I am talking about the beard or facial hair, reared very carefully by the men. Men love flaunting their full-grown and voluminous beard. But, sadly enough they also can’t avoid the phase of patchy facial hair. While you delve deep, you might as well get accustomed to a lot of causes behind this uneven growth of facial hair.

If you feel that it’s a sudden occurrence, just keep a proper check on diet. Also, the cause might be stress or certain hormonal imbalances. Some clinical causes like fungal infections, dental problems, or autoimmune conditions might as well be linked with the abrupt facial hair loss or patchiness. In case, you’ve always had a patchy beard, keep your concern at ease as the reason is genetics, and you can’t do anything about it. But if this entire hair loss thing is new and severe, the best option is to seek a professional opinion.

Now, the above thing is an option to be used for later. As stated in the very beginning, men love dense facial hair. To achieve that fullness, you need to fix all the patches left in your facial hair. Confused?! Well, not anymore. Just follow the section below and read on the 8 best tips to fix your patchy facial hair.

Professional Tips To Fix Your Patchy Beard

8 Professional Tips To Fix Your Patchy Beard

Trimming Is The Best Option

Top Tips To Fix Your Patchy Facial Hair
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If you want to minimize the appearance of patches on the facial hair start trimming today. Based on where the patches have formed, trim them carefully, and with much creativity. Try to make these patches a prime part of your look by integrating them from a flattering angle.

To try another option, try trimming the rest of your beard to a minimal length, and that makes the patches hardly visible. Don’t haste with your trimming sessions, instead, ensure that the trimming is prime and perfect, else it would go patchy ever than before.

Proper Cleaning Of The Lines

How To Fix Patchy Facial Hair
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Flaunting of the patchy facial hair often leads to the trouble of messiness rather than being dapper. So, try to make your patches look a bit clean, neat, and professional, with proper, tidy, and even lines. Also, with this, the sideburns need to be cleaned, and back-brushed, for the perfect blend with facial hair.

This should be like a border that covers the entire face. Similarly, this border placed all around the beard should be clean, and tidy, while detecting areas like the cheekbones, jawline, nose, and lips. So, try well in maintaining the clean lines. Start with the daily and healthy habit of trimming your beard. Then style it with beard oil, and comb it well.

Keeping A Tab On The Rough Unequal Growth

How To Fix Patchy Facial Hair
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With all the tips, proper care, and maintenance, the facial hair should have an even growth. In case, you are still finding the rough patches, trust me, we would fix that also.

Just keep trimming your beard till it has reached a smooth and short length, and this is primarily the best way for reducing the patches. If not that, you might as well try full-length beard to cover the patches completely.

If you can manage the overall length of the facial hair, try to make it smooth and even to an extent, which makes the patches less visible. For this, take very good care of your facial hair by conditioning it properly. A well-managed beard is always a show stealer and most loved.

Conditioning Your Beard Well

Top Tips To Fix Your Patchy Facial Hair
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While you thought that depriving your facial hair of conditioning won’t be a matter much, then let me tell you, dry, tangled, and unhealthy facial hair might be the prime causes for a patchy beard.

So, all you need to do is take very good care of it by using proper products and equipment. Doing this, you would slowly detect the difference, not only in the health but also in the overall appearance of the beard. Opt for an effective beard oil or beard balm that suite you.

This would help to keep your mane in good health and tidy condition, reaching deep down almost towards the follicles. How about trying an exfoliating cream? Its purpose is the removal of dead and damaged skin cells while preventing the skin from being dry and itchy.

This supports the prompt flow of blood, enhances hair growth, finally resulting in a dense, fuller beard, found in good condition.

Go For A Healthy Lifestyle

Top Tips To Fix Your Patchy Facial Hair
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This one starts with choosing a proper diet and nutritional food. A healthy lifestyle and proper diet are the key ingredients while you start improving anything. Obviously, this also includes the enhancement and growth of hair. But, what is the most important nutrient to intake while talking of strong hair growth? Primarily, increase your level of water intake throughout the day.

With this, also have food containing a massive amount of vitamin B and C. Elements like iron, zinc, and omega-three are also the essential elements that help in the nourishment while promoting hair growth. Try to opt for a multivitamin or even you can add quite a considerable amount of avocado, eggs, almonds, cauliflower, bananas, and milk to complete your diet.

To spice up your diet, add more goodies like meat, nuts, mushrooms, tuna fish, and sunflower seeds containing Niacin, which is again a very important vitamin that works wonder for the hair.

Camouflaging The Blank Patches

How To Fix Patchy Facial Hair
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How about a trick this time? Make good usage of the eyebrow pencil you have while shading out the patches in the facial hair. Women have been a pro in doing these for years now and are the artificial way they resort to in getting their brows right.

So, guys now it’s time for you to try. This is the most simple, effective, and economical way to hide the patchy facial hair, which might be unfixable in some way. However, a thing to remember remains that this technique works best only for smaller areas.

To keep things at bay, and natural, just make sure to select the brown pencil that is perfectly in sync with the beard color. If you are all confused, which is very natural, just seek the help of your better half, friend, sister, or any other female confidante, who would assist you at the make-up counter to pick up the one which suits you.

Stop Using Certain Products For Hair Growth

How To Fix Patchy Facial Hair
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In the market, right now, you might be known to a whole lot of products that claim that they guarantee the re-growth of hair upon your head. However, just stay away from these while the question of patchy beard comes in. Certain chemicals found in those hair products might act harshly while it touches the skin.

This mostly occurs because of the compound called Minoxidil. So, while applying these products on the beard you are making the skin susceptible to damages. This is the prime cause that results in dryness and similar irritations which might lead to the hair fall while worsening the patches.

Stick To One Specific Beard Style

How To Fix Patchy Facial Hair
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Honestly, you would be spoilt for choices while talking about your whisker styles. From the classic style to a Viking beard, selecting the beard style that suits the face of your shape is of course important. However, with this, also keep in mind that the style of the beard also depends on the texture or type of hair you have.

One wrong selection on your part would add more to your patches while choosing the proper style would help to hide them while integrating them with the new style in the easiest way possible. In case you are still confused regarding the style that suits you best, let your stylist do the work for you.

Thus, we end it here. Well, by now I am sure everyone has learned the tricks to mend the patches in facial hair. Just remember that patchiness in the facial hair is not always a sigh on unhealthiness or withering of hair. Instead, you might treat it in a positive way to enhance and revamp your entire look.

When discussing your revamp state, surprise your surrounding and near ones by flaunting the rugged and disheveled look. Be the man who is gloriously bearded yet so filled with the ‘un-fullness’. Maintenance fear?! Well, we already gave you the tips for that.

There are ways to prevent the patchy facial hair. However, while preventing it, if you start eating healthy and lead a proper lifestyle, that might be a good start to the adoption of healthy habits, ultimately leading to the betterment of overall health which you have been ignoring for a while.

So, what are your final thoughts?! A revamped look along with the options of the betterment of the lifestyle isn’t a bad deal at all. Go for it today and thank me later!