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How To Shave With An Electric Razor (1)

How To Shave With An Electric Razor – The Complete Guide

How to shave with an electric razor? is a common question asked by most men. Somehow portability and smooth shaving of electric razor have succeeded in overwriting the love for traditional shaving method using blades on wet face. Electric razor has the cutters that work behind a perforated screen. This perforated screen is so protective

27 Urban Men’s Street Style Outfits To Follow

Streetwear is booming everywhere! Yes, street style looks are an indication of what we’ll be wearing this season. To prove this, we conducted a survey and asked the designers to pinpoint the best urban men’s street style outfit ideas 2019 for fashion lovers… Luckily, this year seems some of 2018’s biggest trends gaining far more

30+ Blue Jeans And White Shirt Outfits Ideas For Men

Dudes! Do you find the blue jeans white shirts duo boring? No worries anymore! Blue jeans white shirts are among one of the essential pieces you must own in your wardrobe. So, go ahead and read all about blue jeans and white shirt outfits ideas for men and learn how to make your outfit look

7 Simple Tricks To Control Your Expenditure And Save More Money

Friends! Have you ever started off the month with the intention of saving money? Buying only what you required most and trying hard not to spend much? And, despite your best efforts, you just realise – that you have spent more money than you actually wanted to. So, don’t blame yourself for this! Many of